What are the instructions for someone traveling in a domestic flight for the first time in India?

2. Once you enter the terminal, go to your respective airline counter to get the boarding pass and to checkin luggage. Show your ticket copy at the counter. Make sure your total luggage weight is in the limits, otherwise be ready to pay extra for additional kilos.

Once you get your boarding pass, confirm the gate number which is written in your boarding pass. Get some baggage tags from the counter for your cabin (hand) luggage. Put them right away in your hand baggage.

3. Once you get the boarding pass and have given all your luggage (except hand baggages) for checkin, you can now proceed for security check. Follow directions at the airport to reach the security check spot for your gate.

4. Once you reach the security check, empty your pockets (except the boarding pass) and keep everything in your hand baggage. Laptops needs to be kept separately from its backpack. Trays will be provided to keep your belongings. A security personnel will scan your body and put a seal of security check on your boarding pass. Similarly, your hand baggage + tray + laptop will go through scanning system monitored by security personnel. Once that is through, security personnel will put a seal on the tag present on your hand baggage as well.

5. Now the security check is done. Make sure that your hand baggages have security seal on them. You can now proceed to the respective gate. Follow the directions at the airport to reach the right gate.

6. At the right flight time, gates will be opened. Airline executives will scan your boarding pass and allot you a seat (for people not familiar with web checkin). A bus would take you from the gate to the area where aircraft is placed.

7. Once reached at the aircraft, congratulations, you can now board the flight.

Misc points:

a. Food items are bit costly inside the airport as compared to outside. Bring your own sandwich, fruit or snack. However, drinking water is free everywhere even in the flight. You can consider taking an empty bottle with you 😉

b. You can enjoy free wifi at the airport. You are at an advantage of you have a dual sim phone ;).

c. Express checkin counters are available if you are a privileged member of the airline.

d. Listen to all the announcements made at the airport. It may happen that gate numbers are changed at the last moment. So audiophiles out there, keep your headphones volume low ;).

e. There are smoking rooms available at the airports. You may find beer shops as well.

f. For the senior citizens or specially abled, wheel chair services are provided free of cost. This will come along with an escort to help one do all the formalities at every stage of the journey. You will need to book the wheelchair in >1 day in advance.

g. Knives, scissors, cutters or any such kind of sharp item must be kept in the checkin luggage. Otherwise, you will be forced to throw them away during hand baggage security check.

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